14 Sep ’21

Collective Agreement Ec

The work includes legal assistance in cases of low complexity /file/project, which requires the organization and processing of files/files/projects that are often subject to time constraints. This may include the preparation of legal documents, the receipt of testimonies, the analysis or evaluation of claims, the review of legislation or the collection of fines, the development of settlement agreements and the relationship between the parties. cases/files/projects are routine and precedents are available; However, the work has room to modify and adapt approaches. The work includes conducting research and analysis for consultants or senior lawyers The work requires skills to manage negotiations, partnerships and relationships, important agreements/mechanisms and major national, bilateral and multilateral policy initiatives in partnership on behalf of the department. There is a need to create and build customer/stakeholder networks and promote collaborative working relationships. Knowledge of writing is required to prepare ministerial correspondence, reports, documents, briefing notes, agreements, and legislative or regulatory changes. We are pleased to inform you that the CE cape bargaining team and the TBS bargaining team met today to sign the recently ratified new collective agreement for the EC group. As of today, the new provisions will apply, with the usual exception of remuneration. Please note that special provisions have been negotiated during the current cycle to address the issue of implementing retroactive compensation and adjusting salary scales. » Manages supervisors and subordinate managers, recruits and selects staff, organizes employment, defines work responsibility and responsibilities, sets work objectives and ensures their achievement; Mentors and collaborating coaches, prepare and discuss annual performance reviews with individual employees, take disciplinary action, promote a culture of continuous learning and provide opportunities for training and development and promote and manifest through their own actions the values of the department`s company. . .


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