15 Sep ’21

Community Agreement Questions

Finally, you need to check if they agree on all points of the whole group. Be sure to clarify what each contribution means. For example, « being respectful » can mean different things in different contexts. Also check active consent: are these the guidelines that people want to set for the group? Is anyone worried about her? Revise these guidelines until class members are satisfied and feel ready to commit to the collective agreement. There are many ways to establish group agreements. When making the decision you want to use, you need to consider whether the group will collaborate in the longer term, how controversial the topic of the meeting or workshop is, how much time you have, and how much trust the group has in you as a moderator. On this page, we offer you questions to consider when developing guidelines for your specific teaching environment, several examples of policies and ideas on how to use guidelines during the semester. At mid-term and/or at the end of the semester, do you use it as a reference point for students to self-assess their participation (e.g. response.B. « How did I contribute positively to the type of learning environment described in our discussion policies? » Or « What were my strengths as a contributor? Where can I grow? `) and/or to provide information about their meaning of class interactions and the learning environment (e.g. B answer, z.B.

« To what extent have we respected these agreements as a class? ») . . . .

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