16 Sep ’21

Deed Restriction Agreement

And changing them can result in costly legal fees and a lot of time and effort, if at all possible. So before we make the foundation stone of this dream home, read on to learn more about the restrictions for the fact that you might want to avoid. It won`t serve you much if you find a property that is perfect for your new home, but deed restrictions limit the number of rooms it can have. Not being able to house your whole family in your dream home would be a serious setback. Often, such restrictions exist because septic or channel capacity is limited to a house of a certain size [source: gassett]. The idea is that the more bedrooms a house has, the more bathrooms it will have. In other cases, the restrictions apply to impose a uniform size on all homes in the neighborhood [Source: McLinden]. Even if you want to build a relatively small house, the restrictions on the act can cause trouble…

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