21 Sep ’21

Franchise Agreement Of Kfc

Financial assistance: YUM offers an optional credit assistance program for qualified minorities. The YUM Minority Assistance Program includes financing new minority borrowers who purchase an existing subsidiary, purchase an existing outlet or develop a new subsidiary. YUM guarantees 25% of the capital of the loan franchised, up to a maximum of USD 3,000,000 per loan or franchisee. YUM may terminate the YUM Minority Lending Assistance Program at any time. With the exception of the foregoing, KFCLCC does not offer, directly or indirectly, provisions to finance a franchisee`s initial investment or the continuation of KFC`s business. As a rule, franchisees do not benefit from an exclusive zone, but as long as they comply with the company`s franchise agreement, they have a protected location of the minor defendant, which indicates that this analysis goes against the intention of the parties. The defendants point out that the settlement agreement expressly states that the franchise agreements will be terminated for « any undue delay or delay in authorization due to the acts or omissions of the franchisees that do not result in reorganization within the time limits set ». (Transaction Agreement [DN 34] ¶ 4 (b) (highlighted only here)) According to the defendant, the delay is not due to its acts or omissions. .

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