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Kolkoz @ Miami Art Basel 2013 | LastNightPeople Kolkoz @ Miami Art Basel 2013 – LastNightPeople
26 Mar ’14

Kolkoz @ Miami Art Basel 2013

This year, the Kolkoz gave us a snowy floating chalet under the scorching Florida sun.
Just opposite the Marine Stadium (abandoned since 1992), a symbolic and particularly aesthetic place popup blocker firefox download kostenlos.
Audemars Piguet (Art Basel partner since Hong Kong 2013) commissioned this work from Sam and Benjamin. The watchmaker was able to organize events on board the chalet for the duration of the fair (Art Basel), we were lucky to be invited, the spectacle, the view with the Miami skyline behind was magnificent herunterladen. The people from proper popcorn where there, and let me tell you, best popcorn I’ve ever tasted. It was quite the experience mediathekview downloaden.

Technically it was a real challenge, to assemble floating platforms anchored on the bottom, to make an inflatable chalet at the other end of the earth, to make plans via Googlemaps app op mac. Obtain endless authorizations to be able to welcome the public. The Kolkos allowed us to attend the set up, they shared their sandwiches in their RV (large American motorhome), they forgot to take the big head download the free tone for free.

For 15 years the Kolkos have been Samuel Boutruche and Benjamin Moreau, artists « touch everything » painters, sculptors, photographers, videographers, footballers, Djs download free German schlager. In their bio the key words are: design, virtual, reality, 3D, simulation, duality, technology, refined, rococo (in short I don’t understand anything), represented by « Dieu » the Perrotin gallery, their works are bought by the big ones museums and by collectors herunterladen.

I took my drone to take some pictures, this toy is really fantastic!

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